Hays Code decency standards permeate showbiz as local “blue-nose brigades” police nightclubs, a federal sin tax targets dancing establishments and It’s a Wonderful Life hits theaters. Most Jazz Big Bands dissolve and leave the charts to Pop Singers and “Sweet Bands,” but a Black vocal group scores the year’s top hit, and Great American Songbook legends shine on records.

#1 Song of the Year   

The Ink Spots – The Gypsy

Artists of the Year   

  1. Perry Como
  2. Bing Crosby
  3. Frank Sinatra

Artist with Most Charting Songs   

  • Bing Crosby (12)

Average #1 Artist Age   

  • 36.1

#1 Songs   

  1. Freddy Martin & His Orchestra, vocal Clyde Rogers – Symphony (January, 2 wks)
  2. Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra, vocal Vaughn Monroe & Norton Sisters – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (January, 5 wks)
  3. Betty Hutton – Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief (March, 2 wks)
  4. Frankie Carle & His Orchestra, vocal Marjorie Hughes – Oh! What It Seemed to Be (March, 8 wks)
  5. Perry Como – Prisoner of Love (May, 5 wks)
  6. Ink Spots – The Gypsy (May, 10 wks)
  7. Perry Como – Surrender (August, 1 wk)
  8. Eddy Howard & His Orchestra, vocal Eddy Howard – To Each His Own (August, 9 wks)
  9. Frank Sinatra – Five Minutes More (September, 3 wks)
  10. Frankie Carle & His Orchestra, vocal Marjorie Hughes – Rumors Are Flying (October, 8 wks)
  11. Kay Kyser & His Orchestra, vocal Michael Douglas – Ole Buttermilk Sky (December, 1 wk)
  12. Bing Crosby with The Ken Darby Singers – White Christmas (December, 1 wk)
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