Racial integration is a Cold War imperative so Silent Generation Teens oblige by launching Black R&B records onto the Pop charts for the first time, amplified by Todd Storz’s new Top40 radio format. Meanwhile, songs and sounds from abroad fill the airwaves, a “womens song” conquers the charts, Eddie Fisher and Rosemary Clooney each score two of the year’s top ten hits, Sinatra is back in the Top 5, and it’s Mambo fever!

#1 Song of the Year   

Kitty Kallen – Little Things Mean a Lot

Artists of the Year   

  1. Eddie Fisher
  2. Rosemary Clooney
  3. Patti Page

Artist with Most Charting Songs   

  • Eddie Fisher (7)

Average #1 Artist Age   

  • 30.6

#1 Songs   

  1. Eddie Fisher – Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa) (January, 7 wks)
  2. Doris Day – Secret Love (March, 2 wks)
  3. Jo Stafford – Make Love to Me! (March, 5 wks)
  4. Perry Como – Wanted (April, 7 wks)
  5. Kitty Kallen – Little Things Mean a Lot (June, 10 wks)
  6. The Crew-Cuts – Sh-Boom (August, 8 wks)
  7. Rosemary Clooney – Hey There (October, 5 wks)
  8. Eddie Fisher – I Need You Now (November, 5 wks)
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