1958 Chart Runs

This interactive visualization shows the chart runs for the top ten songs of the year according to our Chartcrush ranking (including three ties, for a total of 13 songs). Here you can see when songs charted during the year, for how long, and the strength of each song’s chart run relative to the other songs in the yearly top ten.

For 1958, our ranking uses the Hot100 chart from August 4 onward. Before August 4, chart positions are based on our combined pre-Hot100 chart derived from the weekly 50-position Best Sellers and 25-position DJ charts (giving equal weight to both). For calendar 1958 (up to August 4), this combined/derived weekly chart has an average of 62 positions, which accounts for the observed differences in debut/fall-off positions in the chart runs graph pre- vs. post-August 4/Hot100 debut.

Note: Chartcrush’s ranking algorithm only considers positions in the top 50 for all years, pre- and post-Hot100. Therefore, post-August 4/Hot100 songs in our ranking for 1958 do not get an advantage over pre-August 4/Hot100 songs from having appeared on a 100-position chart (i.e. the Hot100).

Hover over the legend to highlight a song in the plot area. Hover over a line in the plot area to see the song title and weekly rank.

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