Welcome to ChartCrush.com

Thanks for visiting us. This is the website for the ChartCrush Year-End Top Ten Countdown Show, broadcast weekly on select radio stations in the U.S.

Each episode of the ChartCrush Year-End Top Ten Countdown Show is a one-hour “deep-dive” into a year in pop music (and pop culture!) history, as viewed through the prism of the ten songs that were most popular that year. Each show tackles a different year—from the start of the Billboard charts in the 1940s right up to the present.

We are currently under construction (August 2022), but will soon be “live” with lots of super-cool extras for ChartCrush listeners. Stuff like…

  • Streamable, on-demand web versions of ChartCrush Countdown Shows
  • Text transcripts of host content with links
  • Chart-run graphs for the songs in the countdown, and other visual aids
  • Bonus content that won’t fit in the one-hour show format!